Advanced PC Media LLC Privacy Policy

The following is the privacy policy for all publications, Web sites, blogs, forums and software defined as "Services" provided by Advanced PC Media LLC.

Data Collected

The following data is collected depending on the features of the services you use. In all cases this data is considered confidential and never shared with any third party unless required by law.

  • Your IP address, internet service provider and location are automatically recorded in server logs for security purposes.
  • Your E-mail address is recorded when posting a public comment using the Services to reduce SPAM and abuse.
  • Your E-mail address, name and other optional information is recorded when you register to use our forum available on some Services.


Some of the Services provided by Advanced PC Media utilize cookies to store site personalization and login data.

Third Party Services

Advanced PC Media LLC uses a number of third party services to provide advertising and visitor statistics. Refer to the privacy policies of each vendor for more details: